Visit Greece

Golden Home Holidays
Your own home in Greece!

The beauties of Greece invite you to enjoy the country’s light, sea, history, culture, ambience, hospitality…
Visit Greece with GOLDEN HOME Holidays as your new host. It takes you beyond the narrow confines of a hotel and welcomes you into a house that shall be your home. For as long as you wish on beautiful Greek islands, in Athens and in numerous destinations worth visiting. We have secured high-quality accommodation and service facilities in luxury villas. Also we offer country houses for a dream holiday tailored to your needs, aiming to make you feel at home.

Visit museums and monuments that attract millions of visitors from all over the world. Delight in the renowned blue sky of Attica. Also you can enjoy a short or longer trip to the wonderful islands or an excursion to the dozens of well-organized beaches and dreamy quiet coasts. Indulge in a dream cruise in the astonishing Aegean Sea. Stroll around plazas, shopping streets and historic quarters. Feel the beauty of simple pleasures in a typical Greek coffeehouse or local taverna. Savour the theatre, music and arts in a country known as the cradle of civilization, which has fostered culture through the centuries. Check out the numerous night entertainment options in a city that never sleeps!

We have created an alternative approach to holidays, especially for those who love to combine the coziness of a home with your favourite amenities, without a strict schedule, but with special care. You deserve to enjoy unforgettable holidays, tailored to your own needs!